Believing in Flight Beyond the Cocoon

Looking back, it’s perfect.
All the decisions that brought me,
to this exact time and space.

Looking ahead, it’s uncertain.
My mind is preoccupied with wanting to know,
where each road will lead.

But where’s the fun in prediction?
Do I want to know my fate?
Or is there more pleasure in simply



The root of the fear-weed is in disbelief,
trying to snuff out new growth,
to deceive me into staying at the Lotus Hotel.

They say the point of power is Now,
and it sets the stage for the rest of eternity.
That’s just too much pressure for a present.

Maybe we aren’t designed to overthink,
that which, by nature, is flawless.
Instead, setting our sights on the little things.

Like a sprout of grass breaking through soil,
a caterpillar believing beyond the cocoon.
That outside of its nurturing womb, there is flight.

I can learn from the tiny things,
and their magnitude of love.
Never grasping too tightly to the familiar.

Change is the only constant, I’ve heard.
If so, I want to re-learn organic flow,
remembering my trust in life beyond-mother’s-belly.

Knowing that after each love-filled action,
every word that’s written and cast,
a breakthrough to abundant life always occurs.

I dedicate this to every creature alike,
that believes the unknown to be their friend.
Entrusting its delivery of new life out of transformation.

I accept my inevitable soul metamorphosis,
and give the layers shed, back to the earth.
Tell the seeds, “The truth will set you free.”

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Not Another Day

Not another day

of noise and misguidedness,

pretending I don’t know who I am,

casting aside my own needs.

Not another day

neglecting my inner Self,

explaining away it’s priority,

degrading it’s vital significance.

Not another day

of engaging in outdated

primal survival instincts

to protect my ego self.

Not another day

dwelling in inaction

hoping things magically progress

when movement is key to opportunities.

Not another day

defining myself by my challenges

not acknowledging my power

thinking I’ll win a medal for suffering.

Not another day

of assumptions or expectations

losing energy mapping out the future

when all I really have is the present.

Not another day

entertaining the lie that I am weak

thinking I’m not beyond adequate

in every situation and conversation.

Not another day

Thinking change isn’t constant

clinging to something and not realizing

it’ll only lose oxygen in stagnancy.

Not another day

of self-doubt and disbelief

of my skills, gifts, and talents

thinking there’s no way I’m that magical.

Not another day

of talking in negatives.


From this day forth

I know I am a powerfully precious

cosmic star child of the Universe

deserving of every good thing.

From this day forth

I reclaim my strength and vitality

a vessel of crisp flowing water

releasing energy blockages.

From this day forth

I appreciate the past enough to

initiate a peaceful ending of

what no longer serves me.

From this day forth

I return home to Self

Nourishing my soul with only that

which fuels my purpose and passions.

From this day forth

I Receive to Create and Give

serving out of love and light

supported by the universal guides.

From this day forth

I holistically emblazon the trail

of authentic purpose-filled living

never letting go of my Self again.

From this day forth

I am unapologetically me

vibrating and attracting pure love

always learning to grow and share.

From this day forth

my body, mind, and spirit are awakened.

A grateful human

and a magical spirit.

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Almost Losing Myself to a Wolf in Life’s Clothing

Noise, static, expectations.
I am noticing the bluntness of our

Spiritual amputation.

And the dust accumulating on our


Isn’t the simple fact that
we are a Life,
a reason to celebrate each
molecule, laugh, and tear?

Have we grown so far removed
from our
Passions, Gifts, and Purpose
that we only notice that something

isn’t sound

when our Spirit is on its last breath,
mustering the energy to send out its
final alarm of discord,
hoping it’ll be the one that will

break down

what we thought was Living,
and awaken to a Wolf in Life’s clothing.

It’s not our fault we close the door on our Spirit,
all we wanted was to Live
how we thought we should be Living.

And the greatest quest we can take,
requires a leap of childlike faith,
to acknowledge the discord,
the key to unlocking the door.

Embracing our inner Self,
and promising
we will never let our Selves go again.

For the simple fact that we are
breathing, loving, and being,

right now

Is the sign that we were searching for,
to reunite with our neglected Spirit,
and to Live each moment with our
childlike eyes of love, creativity, and passion.

How we thought we should be Living,
was really what we’ve known since our first heart beat,
before the noise, complexity, and expectations.

Our inner truth is so
radically in Love.

That once you find it’s voice,
the discord turns into the most
beautiful, energetic symphony.

The music of truly living
is a never-ending,
Joyous Celebration







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Life. Death. Repeat.

Ignoring emotion’s effect,
fearing uncertainty.
How long can I run?

For I want to be safe,
in a mind cocoon,
unaffected by trauma.

Warm and protected.
I won’t be here forever,
transformation is crying louder.

They say if you’re comfortable,
you’re not soul progressing.
If I welcome Death, will I finally Live?

Life isn’t without Death.
Death isn’t without Life.
Death isn’t without Life.

I needed to repeat that,
for the time is encroaching,
to unravel my swaddled nest.

Why is Death so hard to invite in?
Could it be the attachments we form,
hallucinating that Life is without Death?

Thinking we can preserve life in a jar,
not realizing we are suffocating,
denying the cycles of Life and Death.

When our heart breaks,
it cracks wide open,
leaving more space for love to breathe.

Death isn’t without Life.

Death is an exhale,
Life is an inhale.

Breathing is nature’s rhythm,
Life and Death dance symbiotically.

And I want to Live with Death.

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