Forest Retreat

The Forest Retreat for Your Reiki Sessions with Kelly

Entering the Forest Retreat, you sense Inner Healing already taking place as you breathe in the rejuvenating air, listen to the music of the birds, and soak in the rustling of the leaves. As you follow the wooded path, you happen upon a clearing, just down a hill. Here, you discover the peaceful, restorative space where your Reiki Session will unfold, alongside Mother Earth—a nourishing feast for your body, mind, heart, and soul!

Your relaxing outdoor Reiki Session space.

Listen to the angelic music of the birds as you relax for your Reiki Session.

The Gorgeous view from your Reiki Session Retreat space nestled in the Forest.

The Forest Entrance Welcomes you for your Reiki Session.

When the evening arrives, The Forest Retreat lights up for your Reiki Session.

The trees greet you on your way to your Reiki Session.

I look forward to our Reiki session.

With Gratitude,

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