Believing in Flight Beyond the Cocoon

Letting go of the desire to predict outcomes and believing instead, that new life is always beyond the unknown.

Looking back, it’s perfect.
All the decisions that brought me,
to this exact time and space.

Looking ahead, it’s uncertain.
My mind is preoccupied with wanting to know,
where each road will lead.

But where’s the fun in prediction?
Do I want to know my fate?
Or is there more pleasure in simply



The root of the fear-weed is in disbelief,
trying to snuff out new growth,
to deceive me into staying at the Lotus Hotel.

They say the point of power is Now,
and it sets the stage for the rest of eternity.
That’s just too much pressure for a present.

Maybe we aren’t designed to overthink,
that which, by nature, is flawless.
Instead, setting our sights on the little things.

Like a sprout of grass breaking through soil,
a caterpillar believing beyond the cocoon.
That outside of its nurturing womb, there is flight.

I can learn from the tiny things,
and their magnitude of love.
Never grasping too tightly to the familiar.

Change is the only constant, I’ve heard.
If so, I want to re-learn organic flow,
remembering my trust in life beyond-mother’s-belly.

Knowing that after each love-filled action,
every word that’s written and cast,
a breakthrough to abundant life always occurs.

I dedicate this to every creature alike,
that believes the unknown to be their friend.
Entrusting its delivery of new life out of transformation.

I accept my inevitable soul metamorphosis,
and give the layers shed, back to the earth.
Tell the seeds, “The truth will set you free.”

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