Not Another Day

Releasing outdated programming to make room for positive intentions to grow.

Not another day

of noise and misguidedness,

pretending I don’t know who I am,

casting aside my own needs.

Not another day

neglecting my inner Self,

explaining away it’s priority,

degrading it’s vital significance.

Not another day

of engaging in outdated

primal survival instincts

to protect my ego self.

Not another day

dwelling in inaction

hoping things magically progress

when movement is key to opportunities.

Not another day

defining myself by my challenges

not acknowledging my power

thinking I’ll win a medal for suffering.

Not another day

of assumptions or expectations

losing energy mapping out the future

when all I really have is the present.

Not another day

entertaining the lie that I am weak

thinking I’m not beyond adequate

in every situation and conversation.

Not another day

Thinking change isn’t constant

clinging to something and not realizing

it’ll only lose oxygen in stagnancy.

Not another day

of self-doubt and disbelief

of my skills, gifts, and talents

thinking there’s no way I’m that magical.

Not another day

of talking in negatives.


From this day forth

I know I am a powerfully precious

cosmic star child of the Universe

deserving of every good thing.

From this day forth

I reclaim my strength and vitality

a vessel of crisp flowing water

releasing energy blockages.

From this day forth

I appreciate the past enough to

initiate a peaceful ending of

what no longer serves me.

From this day forth

I return home to Self

Nourishing my soul with only that

which fuels my purpose and passions.

From this day forth

I Receive to Create and Give

serving out of love and light

supported by the universal guides.

From this day forth

I holistically emblazon the trail

of authentic purpose-filled living

never letting go of my Self again.

From this day forth

I am unapologetically me

vibrating and attracting pure love

always learning to grow and share.

From this day forth

my body, mind, and spirit are awakened.

A grateful human

and a magical spirit.

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