Life. Death. Repeat.

Life is an Inhale. Death is an Exhale. Both are from one organism.

Ignoring emotion’s effect,
fearing uncertainty.
How long can I run?

For I want to be safe,
in a mind cocoon,
unaffected by trauma.

Warm and protected.
I won’t be here forever,
transformation is crying louder.

They say if you’re comfortable,
you’re not soul progressing.
If I welcome Death, will I finally Live?

Life isn’t without Death.
Death isn’t without Life.
Death isn’t without Life.

I needed to repeat that,
for the time is encroaching,
to unravel my swaddled nest.

Why is Death so hard to invite in?
Could it be the attachments we form,
hallucinating that Life is without Death?

Thinking we can preserve life in a jar,
not realizing we are suffocating,
denying the cycles of Life and Death.

When our heart breaks,
it cracks wide open,
leaving more space for love to breathe.

Death isn’t without Life.

Death is an exhale,
Life is an inhale.

Breathing is nature’s rhythm,
Life and Death dance symbiotically.

And I want to Live with Death.

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